JSON Interface

Tailor Made Software has introduced a new set of features in CADViewer and AutoXchange 2020 to custom control objects when creating PDF output (or other formats) either stand-alone or integrated with CADViewer.

This feature is primarily target at Users wanting to control Block Attributes in Title Blocks when creating output or distributing content to third party.

Content controls

The JSON format used in AutoXChange, allows for the following general content manipulation:

Please read more on our technical documentation section.

Variables Replacement

Additionally, an JSON interface to do inline Drawing String variables replacement has been implemented in AutoXchange 2020, please see the details. This allows users to easily place variable strings out in, for example a frame Xref drawing, to do content replacement at output.

Online Demos

We have two online samples illustrating Block Attribute Content Controls and Variable Replacement, please refer to these samples on using the new CADViewer and AutoXchange 2020 JSON Feature.