CADViewer Optional Modules

The CADViewer Family has several optional modules that can be used to enhance the functionality of the CADViewer system. The optional modules work with all versions of CADViewer.
Should you like to have a technical discussion regarding a custom module, please contact us.

Collaboration Communication Module

Servlet based collaboration module that seamlessly integrates with CADViewer Pro and Enterprise. The module enables online meetings to discuss your engineering drawings in real-time. Multiple users can log into a session and in real time gain control and redline drawings to the audience.
The Collaborator Module is priced on a per server basis. Contact sales or international sales for more details.

High Quality TIFF Viewing

CADViewer is available with standard TIFF file viewing (as well as GIF and JPG) at no cost. However, the built-in TIFF viewer is designed for color TIFF files and does not work well with larger TIFF files or with Black and White TIFF files like those from a scanned image using TIFF Group IV. For such large or high quality TIFF drawings we offer the TIFF Viewer Option. This option provides very high quality TIFF viewing, including large format scanned drawings. If you will be displaying scanned drawings in CADViewer you need the TIFF Viewer Option. The TIFF Viewer Option is priced per server. Contact sales or international sales for more details.

PDF Printing Module

The PDF Printing Module allows windows-based users to print their CADViewer-based drawings to a PDF file. This option installs as a Windows Printer Driver and provides fast, very high quality output. PDF Printing is fully integrated with CADViewer's Batch Printing facility so users can create sets of PDF documents from sets of DWF drawings without having to view each drawing individually. The PDF Printing Option is priced per server. Contact sales or international sales for more details.

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