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Custom Modals for Highlight/CAFM

When setting up the Custom Modal for Space Objects Highlight and call-back methods, application programmers define a cvjsPopUpBody that contains the HTML content the modal displays, this body contains callback methods that are then implemented as Java Script methods in the documents.

Highlight on objects can be controlled setting a style object for three modes: base, highlight and select. The variables are: cvjsRoomPolygonBaseAttributes, cvjsRoomPolygonHighlightAttributes and cvjsRoomPolygonSelectAttributes.

The initialization of CADViewer is called with the method cvjs_InitCADViewer_highLight_popUp_app using the highlight styles and pop-up body as arguments.

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And the call-back methods from the pop-up modal are implemented in the Script Code section of the document.

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Last updated on 12 Apr 2020
Published on 12 Apr 2020