CADViewer Technical Documentation, Installation Guide and Reference Samples Library

Script Libraries

Reference Script libraries

In the front-end code, in addtion to the CADViewer core Java Script libraries, CADViewer uses a set of auxillary libraries and stylesheets.

CADViewer Libraries

The CADViewer front-end JavaScript libraries and stylesheets are as per below. Note that, depending on the level of funtionality licensed, the scripts that has to be loaded can either use the /app/cv/cv-core/ or /cv/cv-pro/ folders.

Standard Libraries

CADViewer uses a set of standard standard JavaScript libraries and stylesheets, including jQuery, Bootstrap and jQuery Qtip to enable a number of functionality including dynamic interaction with room polygons. CADViewer specific css files are also found in the /app/css/ folder.

Handler Specific Declarations

Depending on which back-end technology that is used to connect CADViewer with the back-end converters, a script files with settings needs to be loaded.

There is a separate file for PHP, Servlets, ASP.NET and NodeJS and only the file corresponding to the used back-end handler technology shall be uncommented.

The content of each of the script files are the declaration of variables ServerLocation and ServerUrl that are used in the initialization of CADViewer to point to the location of the installation. Below is the content for connection using PHP.

Last updated on 9 Apr 2020
Published on 9 Apr 2020