CADViewer Technical Documentation, Installation Guide and Reference Samples Library



Use this TechDoc as your reference for installing and working with CADViewer.

This TechDoc contain a large selection as template samples that you can use to implement CADViewer in your application or as stand-alone.

You can also use our GitHub repositories for integrated samples to start working with CADViewer.

From our site, you can Download CADViewer, AutoXchange 2022, LinkList , DwgMerge and DwgList with Connecting Handlers and Samples to use these in conjunction with this documentation.


Note 1: Use the above Download links for more details on software options and for converters and extractors.
Note 2: All GitHub repositories includes specific install notes.

1: The base CADViewer Github repository cadviewer-script-library (Windows) includes CADViewer and a base folder structure with converters, drawings, and html sample(s). The same repository can be downloaded specifically for Linux: cadviewer7-script-library-php-linux

2: If using a front-end frame-work, then install CADViewer via NPM.

3: All frame-works needs a back-end server to convert CAD files. Any of the back-end components 1A - 1D, can be used, but the preferred setup is using the NodeJS CAD Conversion Server, that can be downloaded from Github. Windows: cadviewer-conversion-server, Linux: cadviewer-conversion-server-linux. .

Read the sections on installing and handling Fonts in AutoXchange 2023 TechDocs and TroubleShooting.

Try out the samples and build your own application!

Have Fun! - and get in touch with us!

Last updated on 26 Aug 2022
Published on 27 May 2020