CADViewer User Manual and Icon Interface Commands

Make StickyNote

The StickyNote create icon places out stickynotes on the canvas. StickyNotes are loaded and saved as part of Redlines.

1: StickyNote placed on canvas with mouse-click. Finish input with [Esc] or de-selecting the icon.

2: Click on a StickyNote opens the note content.

3: The StickyNote modal supports: Move, Edit, Delete and Minimize.

3A: Move a StickyNote:

3B: Edit a StickyNote:

When in edit mode, two options are allowes, save of StickyNote and cancel of the StickyNote edit mode.

3C: Delete will remove the StickyNote.

4D: Minimize will hide the pop-up modal and only show the canvas graphics.

Last updated on 5 Feb 2023
Published on 22 Mar 2020