CADViewer User Manual and Icon Interface Commands

CADViewer in NextCloud

In NextCloud, CADViewer implements CAD viewing, markup and collaboration on the NextCloud platform for AutoCAD, MicroStation, PDF and advanced raster graphics. Following CADViewer features are available:

  • AutoCAD: Support for DWG, DXF and DWF files.
  • MicroStation: Support for DGN files.
  • PDF: Support for Vector Graphics PDF files.
  • TIFF: Support for TIFF format.
  • PNG, JPG, GIF: Bitmap support.
  • SVG: SVG support.
  • Annotation: Full redlining interface of drawings where each user has individually associated redlines.
  • PDF Collaboration: Redlines/Annotations on drawings are saved as PDF to the user’s CADViewer-Markup folder, where the user can then share internally/externally.
  • Download: Direct download of SVG or PDF image with/without redlines/annotations.
  • Printing: Printing of drawings to printer driver or as PDF.
  • Measurement: Global scale matrix preserved in drawing for measurement and calibration methods.
  • Zoom: Advanced zoom and pan controls.
  • Layers: Retained layer structure for layer management.
  • Search: Integrated text search method.
  • Compare: Advanced compare of drawings.

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Install CADViewer

NextCloud users can directly inside NextCloud go to the store and install CADViewer.

CADViewer User Manual

Plase see the detailed User Manual of both the Command Interface and Admin Controls for CADViewer in NextCloud:

Last updated on 27 Jun 2023
Published on 15 Apr 2020