Over the years, Tailor Made Software has created a number of custom programs designed to solve the needs of a given customer. Some of these have been turned into commercial products like LinkList, but others just show the breadth of our capabilities with CAD formats.

Most of our custom efforts have been in the area of data extraction from various CAD formats (mostly, but not exclusively, AutoCAD). We would, of course, be glad to put together a custom quote for your CAD-related programming needs.

Some of our previous efforts:

Automatically recreate External Reference, Text Font, Image, etc. links in AutoCAD files to redo the links when the files are moved. It searched through the file system, identifying the top candidate for each link based on search directories defined by the user.

Convert CATIA image files into “normal” raster formats. CATIA had a propriety image format with very poor tools to edit the images. We wrote a program to convert from this proprietary format into GIF and TIFF (this was before PNG was created).

Scan files for layers and make sure the layers used conformed to company layer standards. This became LinkList.

Scan files and extract all textual information, recording the content and location of both Text, MText and Attributes. This function too was added to LinkList.

Custom converters – we have written custom converters between popular CAD systems (AutoCAD, MicroStation and others) and less widely used systems. Usually this was for the developers of the less widely used systems, but sometimes it was for customers with lots of files from an orphan system. In one case we wrote a converter for a major CAD system where a customer contract depended on reading files from a less widely used system.

Interface Components - Many of the advanced CAFM features in CADViewer has been specific customer driven requirements and been developed as part of a project.

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