Tailor Made Software’s® DwgMerge 2024™ is a command-line interface application designed to merge XML or JSON content into an AutoCAD DWG file. It supports any version of AutoCAD up through AutoCAD 2024 (released March 2024).

The schema and syntax of the JSON and XML files follows the specification of the Tailor Made Software data extraction software LinkList 2024.

This new software allows application programmers to use JSON and XML to write CAD content and either merge the content with an existing AutoCAD DWG drawing or create a new DWG drawing.

Please look at the DwgMerge 2024 TechDocs, specifically reference JSON and XML content can be found at: DwgMerge 2024 - Supported Entities.

The process of evaluating and ordering DwgMerge 2024 is straight forward. Learn more about the software from the DwgMerge 2024 TechDocs, then:

Download the software from our download resources.

Evaluate the trial version in your own environment against your own systems.

Please send us a support e-mail for support or implementation guidance, and then visit our Pricing Section for more detailed pricing information and ordering.