The LinkList 2025 family of software facilities efficient indexing of text strings and metadata in files. It supports listing of blocks and XRef.

LinkList 2025 extracts a wide variety of information including layer and names, geometric data, entity types and conunts, block names, text, attributes and a host of other information.

New in LinkList 2025 is the ability to list coordinates and extents of objects and simultaniously produce a bitmap drawing in exact scale (user controlled), so that each object can be referenced in the drawing.

LinkList 2025 is integrated with Google GSA to index, extract and visualize corporate CAD Data. Contact us for more information.


The Tailor Made data mining tools have been designed to work as part of an automated process. They do not require extensive hard drive space or memory allocation and can be installed on any PC or laptop computer.

LinkList 2025 has a comprehensive set of parameters that allow the user to control exactly what is output and to where. Each type of information can be turned on or off individually for complete control over the listing process.


Like what you get from our tools but need it slightly different? Need more information from your DWG files? Need all the text output to your database? All these and many more such customizations are easy to add to our data mining tools. Please contact us for more information.

Input Formats

LinkList 2025 supports AutoCAD DWG and DXF files. LinkList 2025/DWG will list both Model Space and Paper Space entities. AutoCAD DWG and DXF support is available on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

LinkList 2025 supports MicroStation DGN and PCF files up through MicroStation DGN v10. LinkList 2025 will list both 2D and 3D elements in the design file. DGN support is avaiable on Windows and Linux.

The process of evaluating and ordering LinkList 2025 is straight forward. Read about the software from the description and our support sections, then:

Download LinkList 2025 from our download resources.

Evaluate the trial version in your own environment against your own systems.

Please send us a support e-mail for support or implementation guidance, and then follow-up with an enquiry e-mail for more detailed pricing information.