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Attribute Substitution

Substitution of a block image based on an attribute search, combines


First ensure that the CAD drawing is converted with a single or multiple BLOCKS are converted to Space Objects. In this case below, we look at a single block: SIGA-PS and we insure all invisible attributes are converted using ia.

Conversion parameters for Block parsing
		// process blocks with a given name, in this case "audiovisual"
		cadviewer.cvjs_conversion_addAXconversionParameter("blockname", "SIGA-PS");		 
		// process all invisible attributes in the block 
		cadviewer.cvjs_conversion_addAXconversionParameter("ia", "");		 
		// open the modelspace 
		cadviewer.cvjs_conversion_addAXconversionParameter("model", "");		 
		// Load file - needs the svg div name and name and path of file to load
		cadviewer.cvjs_LoadDrawing("floorPlan", FileName );

In parallel, we know that we want to seach for an attribute FWK_DEVICE_ADDRESSES with the value 0010020132 within the block.

When we have identified this particular block, we add a new symbol on top of the block, which we load in from a library of symbols.

Code segment to find the Block and overlay it with Symbol

function SigaPS(){
    var spaceObjectIds = cadviewer.cvjs_getSpaceObjectIdList();
    console.log(" IDs:"+spaceObjectIds.length);
    var loadSpaceImage_Location = "http://localhost:3000/content/customInsertSpaceObjectMenu/images/76-Smoke-detector-bg-white.svg";
    var id;
    var myobject;
    var attribute_tag;
    var attribute_value;
    var attribId;
    var s_attribute = "";
      for (var spc in spaceObjectIds){		

        id = spaceObjectIds[spc];
        myobject = cadviewer.cvjs_returnSpaceObjectID(id);

        try {
          // get block attribute:
          // block attributes are listed with  ID_counter , and can be retrived with cvjs:tag and cvjs:value
          s_attribute = "";
          for (var i = 1; i <= myobject.blockAttributeCount; i++) {
                attribId = "#" + myobject.blockAttributeId + "_" + i;
                attribute_tag = jQuery(attribId).attr('cvjs:tag');
                attribute_value = jQuery(attribId).attr('cvjs:value');

                if (attribute_tag == "SIGA-PS" ){
                  s_attribute = attribId ;
                  console.log("s_attribute ="+s_attribute);

                if (attribute_tag == "FWK_DEVICE_ADDRESSES" && attribute_value =="0010020132"){

                  console.log("FWK_DEVICE_ADDRESSES 0010020132 id="+id+" spc:"+spc);
                  cadviewer.cvjs_replaceSpaceObjectPathWithImage("floorPlan", id, loadSpaceImage_Location);
                  cadviewer.cvjs_zoomHere_ObjectId(id, 10);


Drawing before Substitution

Block before Insert
Drawing after Substitution
Block after Insert
Drawing after Substitution with Zoom

Add the following method call to zoom over the object:

    cadviewer.cvjs_zoomHere_ObjectId(id, 10);

The display result is as follows:

Block after Insert with Zoom
Last updated on 26 Jun 2023
Published on 8 Aug 2022