CADViewer Technical Documentation, Installation Guide and Reference Samples Library

CADViewer Front-End

CADViewer Front-End Installation Steps

There is only a few additional steps that you need to do to get CADViewer up running!

Then add optional settings as needed

Users can choose to install CADViewer as an integrated system, or implement the separate components into their own business logic.

CADViewer Folder Structure

CADViewer JavaScript library can be installed in two ways:

Unzip to folder structure

The CADViewer application app folder is typically installed under the main cadviewer folder as part of the CADViewer folder structure.

Download and unzip or use one of the integrated Github sample structures.

─── cadviewer
    └── app
        ├── cv
        │    ├── cv-pro 
        │    │    └──── menu_config
        │    └── cv-custom_commands
        ├── fonts
        ├── images
        ├── js
        ├── css
        └── user_resources
Use npm

The node package manager npm installer for CADViewer is used for the front-end frameworks ReactJS, Angular and VueJS. CADViewer becomes part of the node_modules structure.

npm i cadviewer

where the folder structure is:

        └── cadviewer
                └── dist


From our Downloads and integrated Github sample structures, you can find many sample HTML or Framework initialization code of CADViewer.

Last updated on 24 Apr 2024
Published on 22 Mar 2020