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Style Modals

There is an API control cvjs_styleQTip_color to style the background colors and titlebar text colors of the space object pop-up modal:

 * Style the background and text colors of qTip popup modal
 * @param {boolean} state   - true are new colors, false sets back to default, remaining fields are not used
 * @param {string} titlebar   - background color of titlebar
 * @param {string} content  - background color of content
 * @param {string} header_1  - text color of header 1 item
 * @param {string} header_info_1  - text color of header info 1 item
 * @param {string} header_info_2  - text color of header info 2 item
function cvjs_styleQTip_color(state, titlebar, content, header_1, header_info_1, header_info_2 ){

This method can preferable be applied prior to creating the dynamic pop-up in the myCustomPopUpBody() method:

function myCustomPopUpBody(rmid){
	cvjs_styleQTip_color(true, '#3DCD5D', '#293133', '#293133', '#293133', '#293133');

The actual content of the modal can be styled in the method myCustomPopUpBody() itself, by setting color of the text elements.

	// template pop-up modal body
	cvjsPopUpBody = "<div style=\"background-color: none; color: #CBCBCB; \">Space Id: <span id=\"mymodal_name_"+rmid+"\" >"+rmid+"</span><br>";
	cvjsPopUpBody += "Survey: <span id=\"mymodal_survey_"+rmid+"\" >"+rmid+"</span><br>";
	cvjsPopUpBody += "Notice: <span id=\"mymodal_notice_"+rmid+"\" >"+rmid+"</span><br>";
	//		cvjsPopUpBody += "Status: <div class=\"cvjs_callback_modal_1\" onclick=\"my_own_clickmenu1("+rmid+");\"><i class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-transfer\"></i>More Info </div>";
	cvjsPopUpBody += "Status: <a href=\"javascript:my_own_clickmenu1('"+rmid+"');\">More Info <i class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-transfer\" onclick=\"my_own_clickmenu1("+rmid+");\"></i></a> ";

	return cvjsPopUpBody;

Sample Modal with standard layout

Sample Modal with cvjs_styleQTip_color setting

Last updated on 13 Aug 2022
Published on 12 Apr 2020