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How do I create a DWG from PDF?

AutoXChange does not currently support AutoCAD DWG or DXF as a normal output format. However, when AutoXChange converts from PDF to another format it creates an internal AutoCAD DWG from the PDF. It then processes that DWG just as it would any other DWG and produces the output format. Use the -savedwg parameter to save the intermediate DWG file.

ax2022 <inputfile> -svg -savedwg

Until such time as we add -dwg and -dxf as output formats, you have to list another format, usually -svg, when you do a conversion. If all you want is the DWG file, then you can ignore the SVG. Note that setting the output file name only affects the name of the SVG, not the name of the intermediate file. It will be call .postbind.dwg, although we will probably remove the “.postbind” part in a future release so don’t be surprised if you don’t see that.

Last updated on 2 Mar 2022
Published on 12 Apr 2020