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Conversion Control Parameters

The Back-End converter AutoXchange 2022 has a comprehensive Parameter Interface API to specifically control the conversions of drawings in respect to view and higher level content.

In CADViewer, a standard set of conversion control parameters are set up in the back-end Handlers installation, to control the location of the license key, font path and initial external reference file paths.

Application programmers can add their own settings of conversion parameters in CADViewer prior to loading a drawings. Please reference the Tech Doc Section for the complete AutoXchange 2022 parameter interface.

A typical Conversion Control Parameter setting in CADViewer is using the cvjs_conversion_clearAXconversionParameters() to clear custom parameters, then one or several settings of conversion parameters are done through the method cvjs_conversion_addAXconversionParameter(), and then finally the drawing is loaded through the method cvjs_LoadDrawing().

Click on the method to open the API documentation.

Last updated on 28 Feb 2022
Published on 12 Apr 2020