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Custom Endpoint

Below is the sample application implementation for /routes/cvjs_customConversionEndpointExtension_6.9.xx in cadviewer-conversion-server.

var config = require('../CADViewer_config.json');
var callapiconversion = require('./callapiconversion_cv6.9.04.js');

const request = require('request');

var bearerautentication = config.custom_bearerAutentication;  // settings can be in general CADViewer config file, or loaded in here

exports.cvjs_customConversionEndpointExtension =  function (contentLocation, writeFile, outputFormat, parameters, tempFileName, res,  action, fileFormat){


    // var bearerautentication = "XX";  // from config file or set by user

    // contentLocation is passed over from REST API
    // writeFile is the location on server to write the file/blob
    // cvjs_standard_CV_AX_processing() is the call to continue the processing to convert and return to CADViewer
    var cadfilename = "";   // filename is passed over from cadviewer contentLocation, or pulled from user call
    var fileurl =  "";

    // we make branches depending on how the incoming stream is parsed  
    var branch = 1;   // simply request a URL and store in /converters/files/ folder and as server to convert  
    //  branch = 2   // sample to do a GET (or POST) with bearer authentication to get a blob and then save that to /converter/files/folder

    if (branch == 1){

    contentLocation = decodeURIComponent(contentLocation);
    if (config.cvjs_debug) 
	console.log("fileFomat ="+fileFormat+"  outputFormat: "+outputFormat+" format from contentLocation string:"+contentLocation.indexOf("ftype="));

    var conversionFlag = true;
    var svgTest = false;  // test only
     // we need to do the following checks:  
     // if no ftype, then assuming dwg
     // if ftype, we have to find it and update the command string fileFormat string

    if (contentLocation.indexOf("ftype=")>0){

        fileFormat = "."+contentLocation.substring( contentLocation.indexOf("ftype")+6, contentLocation.indexOf("ftype")+10);
        if (fileFormat.indexOf("svg")>-1){
            conversionFlag = false;
            outputFormat = "svg";

        if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log("new fileFomat ="+fileFormat);


    // location of intermediary file for conversion
    var newcontentLocation = config.fileLocation + tempFileName + fileFormat;			
      // add bearer tokents, etc to url
    fileurl = contentLocation+"?access_token="+bearerautentication+"&download";

    // if we have SVG test then we test with CADViewer server SVG
    if (svgTest)
        fileurl = "";

    if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log("fileurl="+fileurl+ " newcontentLocation="+newcontentLocation);

    var fs = require('fs');
    .on('error', () => {
        if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log('ERROR - httprequest/createWriteStream does this location exist?: '+newcontentLocation);
    .on('finish', () => {
        if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log("finished!");
        // NOTE: here contentLocation is replaced with with the temp name
        contentLocation = newcontentLocation;
      // if ftype then make two brances:
      // 1) move the folder for conversion
      // 2) move to folder for direct extraction
        if (conversionFlag){
            callapiconversion.cvjs_standard_CV_AX_processing(outputFormat,contentLocation, parameters, tempFileName, res, writeFile, action)
            if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log(outputFormat+" "+contentLocation+" "+tempFileName)
            callapiconversion.SVG_callback(res, outputFormat, contentLocation, tempFileName);

    if (branch == 2){
        fileurl =  contentLocation;
        // pull a file from a blob or something
        console.log("fileurl:"+fileurl+" Bearer:"+bearerautentication);    
        var options = {
            url: fileurl,
            json: true,
            method: 'GET',
            Authorization: 'Bearer '+ bearerautentication,
            headers: {
              'Content-Type': 'application/json',
              'Accept': 'text/plain',
          var callback = (error, response, body) => {
            var myJSON = JSON.stringify(response); 
            // type out body
            var myJSON = JSON.stringify(body); 
            console.log("body json:"+myJSON+"XX");
            // NOTE:  if fileFormat of blob different from "dwg", then  substitute the writeFile, lastIndexOf  ".dwg" with new format. 
              // save the file or blob-body to the location of temp folder
              var newcontentLocation = config.fileLocation + tempFileName + fileFormat;			
              var buffer = Buffer.from(body);
              var fs = require('fs');    
              if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log("savefile temp dwg"+ newcontentLocation);
    , 'w', function(err, fd) {			
                fs.write(fd, buffer, 0, buffer.length, null, function(err) {
                  if (err) {
                      if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log("error savefile: "+err);
                    fs.close(fd, function() {
                      if (config.cvjs_debug) console.log('file written');
                      // when saved call the CADServer to convert the drawing and send back to CADViewer
                      // from here standard processing 
                      // NOTE: here contentLocation is replaced with with the temp name
                      contentLoation = newcontentLocation
                      callapiconversion.cvjs_standard_CV_AX_processing(outputFormat,contentLocation, parameters, tempFileName, res, writeFile, action)
              console.log("err cvjs_customConversionEndpointExtension:"+err);
          request(options, callback);
Last updated on 30 Mar 2022
Published on 13 Mar 2020