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HTML CAD Element

The initialization process of CADViewer, needs to be passed over an id of an <div> in which CADViewer will be running. Application programmers can choose any identifier name on this <div>, but we choose ‘floorPlan’ in all our samples.

For the frameworks ReactJS, Angular and VueJS, the ‘floorPlan’ <div> will be placed in the src component structure.

Note: that CADViewer supports multiple instances of CADViewer in the same document. In the case, multiple instances of CADViewer are used in the same document, the back-end converter API control call: cvjs_conversion_addAXconversionParameter(“POSTFIX”, “”); must be set, otherwise layers will not display properly if the multiple CADViewer instances are loading layers with the same name.

Last updated on 15 Dec 2021
Published on 22 Mar 2020