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How to Parse Blocks in CADViewer

Blocks are an integral part of a DWG drawing and our CAD converter AutoXchange 2023 has the ablity to parse blocks when processing a drawing for display in CADViewer.

Process the blocks using a subset of the conversion parameters defined in:

Database Parameters
BLOCKNAME Block Name to process
BLOCKNAMELAYER Layer to get Block Names from
IA Invisible Attributes
BA Blank Attributes
BNA Block Name Attribute
IB Ignoring AutoCAD-Blocks

Apply the conversion parameters in CADViewer using:

Typically, parsing blocks should use the parameter blockname (block names) and ia (invisible attributes) to parse the relevant blocks and all attribute information associated with that block

Please also see the general Guide on creating hotspots from blocks:

Last updated on 10 Aug 2022
Published on 8 Aug 2022