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Palette Color Control

CADViewer provides the ability to API control the colors of the drawing. To utilize this API the conversion parameter colorasc needs to be called, to process all internal colors in the drawing according to the AutoCAD palette.

The compare drawings methods loads drawings from the paths defined by the general file modal initialization methods cvjs_setServerFileLocation() and cvjs_setServerFileLocation_AbsolutePaths(). These controls the path to the file location, that links with the File Loader Modal.

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NOTE: If ServerLocation is set to “”, the back-end converter will concatenate to the back-end installation path.

Note: Application programmers can bypass the File Loader Modal and load the compare drawing directly using the method cvjs_setCompareDrawings_LoadSecondDrawingDirect()

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For application programmers who wants to load in drawings to compare with directly from their own environment, there is an API method cvjs_CompareFiles_setFileModalContent() that takes as argument a datastructure to set the display content of the File Modal when loading a Compare File. This is useful if a system has several versions of the same file stored and want to compare the versions with each other. This method should be set in the call-back when the display drawing is loaded.

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Last updated on 29 Jan 2023
Published on 29 Jan 2023