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Load/Save from Local Source

API Controlled Direct Load and Save of Redlines from Local Source

The Redline load and Save modals can be set up so that Redlines are loaded and saved from local sources. This is for use-cases where users do not want to commit their redline annotations to a central server.

Application programmers will comment out the standard modal load and save and expose the methods cvjs_directDownloadStickyNotesRedlines() and cvjs_directUploadStickyNotesRedlines().

Click on the method to open the API documentation.

Overlay Redlines at Load

To allow Redlines to be overlaid at load, set the method cvjs_setLoadMultipleRedlinesStickyNotes().

Click on the method to open the API documentation.


Go to CADViewer Samples to see and download samples implementing Redlines Modals, Redlines Overlay and Redlines API controlled Redlines handling.

Last updated on 31 May 2022
Published on 9 Apr 2020