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AutoXchange license key not working

If a rotated “trial” watermark appears on the output, the AutoXchange axlic.key is either coded incorrectly or has timed out.

Running a test conversion (myfile.dwg) from the command line/terminal will list both the expiration date as well as any MAC/IP addresses read into AutoXchange. Use the command -trace for debug output and redirect the output to a text file: >mytrace.txt

>ax2023_xx_yy_nn   -i=myfile.dwg -o=myfile.svg -f=svg -model -trace >mytrace.txt

The mytrace.txt file will contain a full trace on the MAC/IP addresses read in as well as any other license key diagnostics.

Pleas share that with our Support Team.

Please reference the AutoXchange 2023 Techdocs for Parameter Interface controls.

Last updated on 18 Mar 2022
Published on 17 Mar 2022