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CADViewer and AutoXchange API

There are two main API’s for application programmers to use.

The functional API for CADViewer Front-End and the full command-line interface for the Back-End converter AutoXchange 2020-2023.

CADViewer Functional API
AutoXchange 2023 Command Line Interface

For the communication between CADViewer Front-End and the Back-End CAD Converters, there is an additional CADViewer RESTFUL API, but this is mostly hidden from the application programmer if using the standard CADViewer Handlers/Connectors to connect between the server and front-end.

If the application programmer wants to write their own middleware connecting CADViewer with a server service, then a custom implementation of the CADViewer RESTFUL API can be useful.

Last updated on 8 Mar 2022
Published on 22 Mar 2020